Born in Motorsport

JME Racing was born from the passion and the experience of Marco Savini, mechanical engineer, with the essential support of a professional squad and a strong network of sport, technical and commercial partners.
A young and dynamic organization, able to perfectly understand the needs of the customers and ready to provide that added value which make the difference, as much in the local competitions, as in the complicated overseas events.


"We worked a lot together, they were born to do this. They have an advanced customer care and an easy understanding of motorsport."
Max Bertocci
Team Manager Grifone, Procar, Team ART
"Huge experience gained during the years. We worked together in several championships, and their professionalism left me amazed."
Fabio Gianfico
Gr.N Italian Rally Champion
"Huge motorsport passion and huge attention to details. Our cooperations left friendship and mutual respect. Glad to see them on the field!"
Mario D'Ambra
Team D'Ambra
"During the years we reached amazing results together. Professionals and focused on improving. Their efforts will get them far."
Simone Campedelli
International Rally Driver