our bred and butter

We were born professionally in the rally framework, and here we have been growing and we have been developing our network.

We are skilled in providing technical, sport and management support, to be complete, flexible and sustainable from all points of view.

You can focus on your goals.

For all the rest, we’re on it.

Car Rental

We rent our rally cars for events and championships, national and international, on tarmac, gravel or snow.


Managing third customer’s cars, we guarantee organized and agreed maintenance plans, in accordance with factory’s guidelines.

Arrive & Drive

We can provide full packages: flights, accommodation, recce car, tires, fuel, guest care. The customer just drives.


Our Hospitality area comes up beside the technical one to guarantee refreshment to crews and added value for guests.


Our cars are always protected by a full coverage insurance, to guarantee serenity and concentration to our customers.


Our cars are always equipped with a full OBC system, which records are given to the customer at the end of the event.

Key-words: reliability and openness

Reliable. This is how we like to describe the cars we work on, contemporary or historic, from our fleet or from third customers which have decided to trust our services.
Our management is regulated by flexible and clear agreements, with maintenance plans attached with precise wear reports. This process guarantees to the customer, the car’s owner, to know the fixed costs of maintenance and the trend of variable costs, achieving a forecast for the expenses with no surprises and a car always in order, for rental or private usage.

Listen to the vehicle: translating data into improvements

Our engineers analyze scrupulously the data the cars provide. Analyzing telemetries, from the car system and from our sensor systems, indications come up to improve the set-up of the car and the pilot’s driving behaviors.
During P.E.T. (Pre-Event Tests) and during events, they report carefully the implemented adjustments, to work on a continuous evolution of performances.

Services quality passes through materials quality

The same reliability we expect from our cars, we demand to the service we provide to customers. Our technicians have available the best to work professionally: from tools, to consumable, to spare parts, we only use high-quality materials, keeping up our price competitiveness thanks to commercial agreements with the most important technical brands.

Your guests, our guests

Free access for customers’ family and guests: the JME Hospitality Area is a peaceful and comfortable environment, in which relax during the event and follow, closely but safely, the service operations by our technicians.
An essential area, for sponsors and partners, to develop B2B connections arising from their sponsor investment.
For the crew instead, is a fundamental part of the race, in which take refresh with menus created on purpose for motorsport.